Here is a quick guide to using google slides

As show apparatuses go, PowerPoint and Keynote get all the press. Google Docs is many times referenced as an extraordinary Word elective. There are lots of tips about how to utilize Google Sheets. However,¬†Okslides scarcely gets referenced. That is a disgrace since it’s a generally excellent introductions device and free.

What are Google Slides?

Perhaps you’ve been catching wind of¬†Okslides, yet you don’t know how it contrasts. What is Google Slides utilized for, and how can it differ from other applications?

There are numerous distinctions between Google Slides and conventional show applications. The following are three vital standards to remember while you’re learning Google Slides:

PowerPoint was inherent in the ’90s. It’s still generally new. Google Slides is a program first encounter that sets the vibe for how robust applications that live inside your internet browser can be.

It’s associated. Since Google Slides is a program-based application, it guides into other web-associated administrations. That implies joint effort, and interfacing with other applications is simple.


It’s rearranged. Google is an organization that spotlights on working on client experience. It’s not difficult to utilize any of their applications, so assignments like figuring out how to use Google Slides are simple.

To become familiar with how to utilize Google Slides, we have an aide that is ideal for you. It assists you with figuring out how to get to Google Slides and gives a complete Google Slides guide for fledglings:

Presently we should bounce into this instructional exercise to find out about what Google slides are and figure out how to begin utilizing them.

Stage 1. Get everything rolling Using Google Slides

Google Slides is Google’s lead show application that lives inside the program as a piece of Google Drive. Essentially, consider Slides Google Doc’s show instrument. It’s free the main prerequisite to utilizing it is to have a Google account.

Stage 2. Make a New Presentation in Google Slides

Whenever you’ve endorsed into your Google Account, make a beeline for Google Drive. Make a Google show by clicking New > Google Slides > Blank Presentation. You’ll be diverted to another page with a clear display.

Stage 3. Explore Google Slides

We should take a gander at how to utilize Google Slides instruments. Google Slides works similarly to work area show applications. The left sidebar of Google Slides shows the slides you’ve made, and the body of the screen shows the fall you’re currently dealing with.