PSLE English Tuition Online: Making Qualification An Effortless And Fun Process

PSLE stands for Primary School Leaving Examination. This is a national-level examination carried out by the ministry of education in Singapore. The students in the final year of primary school are intended to appear in the exam. This exam assesses the understanding of introductory education concepts and determines the student’s academic strength. The final scores of this examination determine the subjects that a student is eligible to choose during their secondary education. However, many students report that passing in English exam is not an easy task, even for those who are fluent. This is why dedicated educational programs such as PSLE English tuition online help students in clearing the exam.


The PSLE examination consists of four subjects: English, Science, Math, and elective language. Every issue is assessed using multiple choice question papers for two hours. However, a language assessment paper such as English comprises subjective parts two. The objective part must be answered on an optical answer sheet by shading the desired choice of the given ones. The optical answer sheet is evaluated using optical mark recognition technology.

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On the other hand, subjective parts must be answered through handwritten mode on a standard emotional answer sheet. These personal sheets are evaluated manually by expert teachers. The marks being assessed of the objective and the subjective section are combined to release the final performance score of the student.

Achievement Level

Achievement level refers to the grading system implemented to convert the raw total of PSLE scores into grades. There are a total of 8 achievement levels for each subject. This means that students with similar performance will be allotted the same achievement level. Achievement levels range from AL1 to AL8, where AL1 corresponds to the highest range of marks more significant than 90 and AL8 corresponds to the lowest group of sports that is less than 20. Since the examination is critical to primary school students, it is expected to perform satisfactorily in the study. However, performing flawlessly in every subject is not everybody’s cup of tea. To overcome this potential barrier, students and their parents prefer dedicated coaching platforms such as psle english tuition online.


The PSLE examination possesses tremendous importance to a student’s secondary and higher secondary education. This examination is often described as the checkpoint for a thorough understanding of the key concepts.