Improving your website’s SEO ranking with performance-based changes

In theory, SEO seems as simple as providing the best answer to a question, and you’ll be placed on the first page of Google. But in reality, SEO involves a significant amount of work. The algorithms of search engines are constantly changing as Agencia SEO Barcelona strives to improve and refine its search engine to help people find what they want and demote the results of those who game it. There were, on average, nine changes per day in 2018.

These changes can happen multiple times a day. In an era of constant change, someone can’t handle everything SEO on a part-time basis. Understanding these changes and figuring out how they apply to your website Agencia SEO Barcelona requires a full-time commitment. Inbound marketing agencies that offer SEO services make their living by staying informed. This is where the SEO services provided by a remote agency can save you time and money.

Their goal is to stay up to date on SEO trends and to ensure that your website is free of negative search engine changes. Our SEO Expert at First Page spends time reviewing Google’s algorithm changes every month and incorporates that information into our monthly performance analysis. Although we must invest time in mastering SEO and staying on top of the latest trends, applying all that knowledge still takes time.

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Your website must be optimised as you continue to create content and add pages. This isn’t a one-time investment. You need SEO to ensure you don’t change copy or pages that rank if you change branding messaging or redesign your website. If you constantly think about SEO and your content, it may dilute your attention from what you know best. In that case, an SEO agency might be a good option.

Your focus can be on creating high-quality content that resonates with your customers when you hire an SEO agency, and theirs can be on optimising that content to attract search engines and site visitors. The content solely determined the number of years ago search engine ranking on your website. Today, Google and other search engines use various factors to assess your website’s ranking.

Over time, however, it has expanded to include more technical indicators like how quickly your site loads. Our ‘SEO Expert’ at First Page is also a ‘Technical SEO Expert’ because the technical side of SEO has become so complex. As a result of these changes and improvements, an algorithm will be created that can accurately predict a user’s experience with a web page, which is why page speed is essential.