Types of the best popcorn

If you are into tasty popcorn, you must know about its types so, you can try different flavors and brands. Companies have created various types of this popcorn to offer the ultimate taste to satisfy our hungry taste buds.

If you still discovering the best popcorn in Singapore, you must read this article as we are discussing the popcorn types in this piece. So, be with us and gain your knowledge:

  • Yellow popcorns: These are the standard version of the popcorns found in our local stores. They are inexpensive and can be bought by anybody with a tight budget. So, if you like normal yellow popcorn, you can get them and have fun during tea time.
  • White popcorns: They are similar to the yellow popcorns, but they are tenderer than the standard version of yellow popcorns. The taste of these popcorns is like yellow ones that are buttery or cheesy.
  • Mushroom popcorn: This type of popcorn comes in big, billowy, and fluffy sizes. They are ideal for candy coating, drizzling with chocolate, etc. If you have not tried them before, so make it fast as they are perfect for your fun time. Hence, do not wait more just choose them and feel “mmm” all the time.

best popcorn in Singapore

  • Ladyfinger popcorns: These are the best popcorn in Singapore known for the best taste. They are small but super in taste. These types of popcorn are the must-have options if you are going to watch a movie with your friends.
  • Red popcorns: If you look at them, they are red when raw, but after popping up; they become white. These popcorns taste like yellow and white ones that have a neutral taste. Hence, if you have tried all the above flavors, do not forget to have these just once. You will become its fan and want to try again and again.
  • Purple popcorns: Purple popcorns are delicious after popping up and their colors turn pale yellow. These types of popcorn are a bit larger than blue and red types. So, if you have not grabbed these types, just choose and eat. You will love their taste more than anything else.
  • Blue popcorns: These popcorns are very much like the red ones as they offer you a big crunch and delicious flavor at the same time. But they are slightly smaller.


You can try the above popcorn so that you can find your most loved flavors. All of them are tastes good and can satisfy your taste buds effectively.