What are some fallacies about passing a hair follicle drug test?

Of course, there are several fallacies that claim to assist you in passing a hair follicle drug test. In actuality, these are ineffective ways that will not suddenly cleanse your hair of toxins. Remember that hair follicle drug tests are very accurate and difficult to falsify. The above-mentioned professional products have thoroughly examined which substances are most effective and at what concentrations. They are far more dependable than any do-it-yourself cures. Anyway, here is some deceptive content and information on how to pass hair follicle testing.

Myth 1: If you stop drinking for a few days, you’ll be OK!

While this procedure may work for other types of drug testing, such as urine or saliva tests, it does not work for hair follicle drug tests. Hair follicle testing has a 90-day detection period. A few days without using drugs will not suffice. This will simply not work unless you entirely discontinue drinking 90-120 days in advance.

What are some fallacies about passing a hair follicle drug test?

Myth 2: You should dye or bleach your hair

Some people believe that hair color and bleach might help them pass a hair follicle test. While this may assist to alter your look, it will not significantly alter your test result from positive to negative. You might attempt bleaching your hair many times before the exam, but this will utterly damage your hair. Furthermore, your chances of success are slim.

A hair follicle testing is one of the most efficient and effective drug tests available. If you are using prescription medicines recommended by a doctor, notify the administrator ahead of time. These drugs can cause a false-positive hair follicle drug test.