The Most Creative Self Destructing Messages You’ll Ever See

A number of people have the misconception that self-destructing messages are all about suicide. This is a myth that haunts the minds of many students and outsiders, who believe it to be true that someone would take their own life over a simple text. The truth is, self-destructing привнот messages are not only there to give people insight into how another individual feels, but they also serve as a coping mechanism for some who may be depressed or suicidal. The common perception of self-destruction is a negative one and is certainly not what the purpose of these messages are.

Dangers of Self-Destructing Messages

When something is made to explode and self-destruct, it’s usually a symbol of anger. There are certain people that may use this as a way to express their frustrations with themselves or others. If a person is borderline and uses self-destroying messages as a coping mechanism, then it would be best for the friends or acquaintances to intervene and stop them from harming themselves.

How Self Destructing Messages Can Help

If the messages are used in a positive manner, then it can help steer the right course for someone who may be having a rough time. If the person is going through something hard and they are on the edge of self-destruction, then they can use these messages as a meaning of hope. They can use them to get their mind off of what is bothering them, so that they don’t hurt themselves or do harm to others. It can be a positive outlet to vent their frustrations and stress. It’s a way of another person being able to understand them, when they may not have any other means of letting out what they’re feeling.

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Harmful Mistakes in Self-Destructing Messages

Again, there are always some individuals that take this the wrong way and use this as an outlet to express their anger or hatred for others around them. It works both ways, in the sense that the messages are almost like an ultimatum. If a person constantly uses these messages as a threat to others, then there may come a time where the recipients will want to get back at them. The best course of action is if they can work things out, and if they can’t, then they should keep that to themselves and not use this as an outlet.

Controversy Surrounding Self-Destructing Messages

There are a lot of people that don’t like this idea because they say it’s “wrong” or “immature”. They seem to think it’s making a joke out of death or suicide. It works both ways because if someone uses these messages as a threat or an outlet to vent their anger, then that’s what they’re going to get in return. A lot of people don’t understand it because they say there are other ways to get your frustrations out, but the reality is there isn’t always other options and these messages can help. Those who criticize this idea need to look at the bigger picture and try to have an open minded perspective on it.